PEUGEOT is launching its new SUV family at the 2021 Shanghai Motor Show

DONGFENG PEUGEOT will launch a new range of SUVs featuring its new roaring Lion logo for its customers in China at the 2021 Shanghai Motor Show. The new vehicles will be accompanied with a new brand strategy: the new French Chic. The new range of PEUGEOT 4008, 4008 PHEV and 5008s will start from 169 700 to 263 700 yuan (£18,899 to £29,370). The new French Chic SUVs distinguish themselves through four pillars: design, quality, dynamism and connectivity in order to meet the growing expectations of PEUGEOT’s Chinese customers.

DONGFENG PEUGEOT will also strengthen the brand’s customer experience through new customer care, vehicle maintenance and warranty policies through its Five Care Promises and Four Guarantees Plus commitments.

From 19 to 28 April, visitors will be able to discover the entire DONGFENG PEUGEOT range at the Auto Shanghai 2021 show. In addition to the new French Chic SUVs, PEUGEOT’s electrified range will also be on show, including the e-2008, the new 4008 PHEV 4WD and the 508 L PHEV saloon.

A new brand identity and strategy in China
Over the past ten years, PEUGEOT has established itself as an innovative, high-end generalist brand. The design of its new products and its new technologies have contributed to its move upmarket and strengthened its brand image. On 25 February 2021, PEUGEOT unveiled its new logo and identity, starting a new era for the brand.

Linda Jackson, CEO of PEUGEOT, said: “We have a strong global ambition. PEUGEOT will leverage its upscale, electrified models and new products, including its new SUV range, to set new standards and deliver an exceptional driving experience. China is one of the most important markets for PEUGEOT.

“The new 4008 and 5008 embody the best of PEUGEOT’s design and technology, including the innovative i-Cockpit®, to provide an unparalleled driving experience. These new SUVs will most definitely meet the expectations of Chinese customers.”

2021 marks the 17th year of DONGFENG PEUGEOT’s commitment to the Chinese market. Based on the principle of its Yuan+ strategy, the company is adapting to market trends to build the image of a “Designer Brand” among trendy Chinese customers. It will offer a digital ecosystem that will provide them with a high-quality mobility service, and promises 100% satisfaction on service, quality, and warranty.

DONGFENG PEUGEOT will roll out its new identity in conjunction with these new mobility services. The new logo will be rolled out across the PEUGEOT network and on the vehicles. The brand plans to renovate 40 showrooms in 2021 and to renovate its entire network over the next three years. The first vehicles with the new logo will be launched in 2022.

Chen Bin, assistant to the president of DONGFENG Automobile Group Co. Ltd, General Manager and Party Committee Secretary of DPCA, said“DONGFENG PEUGEOT has always kept pace with the innovations and trends of the times and adjusted its strategy to meet customers’ demands. With its new brand identity and its new products and services, DONGFENG PEUGEOT will embark in a new era of growth.”

PEUGEOT offers a unique driving experience with its new French Chic SUVs
The new family of PEUGEOT SUVs manufactured in China includes the 4008, 4008 PHEV and 5008 models. They reflect the designed by PEUGEOT, made for China strategy and are the basis of the new French Chic strategy.

The new PEUGEOT SUVs use the same design language found in the European variants. Their grille features a horizontal pattern that blends into the sides of the car for dramatic effect. All feature PEUGEOT’s new front and rear LED lights. The front lights come with PEUGEOT’s latest ‘fang’ design and the rear lights feature PEUGEOT’s iconic ‘three-claw’ signature.

Inside, the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® has been improved so it remains the benchmark for the C-SUV segment in China. The new 10-inch high-definition central touch screen is combined with piano keys. The 12.3-inch digital instrument panel is combined with PEUGEOT’s innovative compact steering wheel for improved driving dynamics. The smooth Aisin EAT8 automatic gearbox enhances the driving experience further.

The new PEUGEOT 4008 French Chic SUV, with its avant-garde design and dynamic handling, is aimed at young and urban customers. The prices range from 169 700 yuan (£18,899) and 233 700 yuan (£26,025).

The new PEUGEOT 4008 PHEV 4WD is aimed at those after an electrified vehicle with high performance and efficiency credentials. With a power output of 300PS, the Plug-in Hybrid powertrain offers an ideal balance of economy and performance. Prices for the 4008 PHEV 4WD SUV range from 249 700 yuan (£27,810) to 259 700 yuan (£28,830).

The new PEUGEOT 5008 is the flagship of the brand’s new French Chic SUVs family, thanks to its spacious and high-quality interior. Prices for the 5008 range from range from 187 700 yuan (£20,905) to 263 700 yuan (£29,370).

Ge Linde, General Manager of the DONGFENG PEUGEOT brand, said: “The new family of chic and French SUVs is based on four fundamentals: aesthetics, quality, dynamism and connectivity. Their design, their engines and their trim levels are adapted to the needs of Chinese customers will spark their enthusiasm.”

A renewed trust with the Five Care Promises and Four Guarantees Plus.

DONGFENG PEUGEOT puts customers at the heart of its work, to meet their requirements and provide them with quality mobility services.

In 2020, the brand launched the Five Care Promises campaign.

  1. The 7.1.5 guarantee promises a refund within 7 days, a vehicle price guaranteed for 1 year as well as a 5-year or 150,000km warranty.
  2. 30% discount on the maintenance contract, with breakdown service within 2 hours.
  3. 24-month financing with zero interest.
  4. After-sales service based on 8 commitments via Blue Care 3.0, including no invoice if the customer does not receive quality service.
  5. For loyal customers, 6 years of maintenance offered. Hospital staff receive a 20,000 RMB (£2,250) discount.

DONGFENG PEUGEOT has strengthened the Five Care promises by creating a customer care fund and implementing an individual follow-up service.

Recently, the brand extended the door-to-door pick-up and delivery service to the entire country, within a 30-kilometre radius of the point of sale. The free service has been extended to 15 kilometres from the 10 kilometres in the test phase of this service.

DONGFENG PEUGEOT is now launching the Four Guarantees Plus purchasing policy. This policy offers number advantages to customers:

  1. Vehicle value maintained: -15% on 1 year, -25% on 2 years, -35% on 3 years.
  2. 5 year or 150,000km warranty.
  3. First 6 basic maintenance services for free during the first 5 years.
  4. Offers on vehicle insurance.

In addition to these guarantees, buyers can also enjoy benefits on financing, car replacement or connectivity services.

DONGFENG PEUGEOT is embarking on a new chapter with its new French Chic SUV family. The brand is pioneering a new lifestyle for Chinese consumers, imbued with French elegance, and providing its customers with quality products, services and experiences.

The entire PEUGEOT range can be seen on its 900m2 stand in Hall 7.2 at Auto Shanghai 2021, from 19 to 28 April. The new French Chic 4008 and 5008 SUVs will be on show. The full electrified range will be on display with the 100% electric e-2008 SUV, the new 4008 PHEV 4 WD and the 508 L PHEV saloon. Visitors will be able to rediscover the 2021 versions of the 408 and 508 L sedans. The brand’s new logo will be featured on the stand, with the brand’s Lion ambassador in XL size also situated at the entrance.