ŠKODA’s new auto-tune function puts an end to out-of-tune singing

ŠKODA drivers – and passengers! – will no longer be subjected to painfully out-of-tune singing thanks to a new auto-tune feature that enables woeful wannabe pop stars to hit every note, every time.

Available as a free download on ŠKODA’s infotainment system, In Tune works by monitoring interior cabin noises that sit outside of set audible reference points – a scale or specific notes for example.  At the point deviations from these references occur the system digitally corrects the pitch of the singer’s voice and plays it back seamlessly in real-time through the in-car sound system.

Research from ŠKODA revealed that 100% of drivers* admit to regularly attempting to sing along to their favourite songs while driving. Therefore, this latest addition to ŠKODA’s digital entertainment offering is sure to come to the rescue of drivers and passengers up and down the country that suffer in silence next to those who believe they are the next Beyoncé or Rick Astley.

The software, that has been developed by ŠKODA’s in-house sound engineers, also has the ability to record the driver’s singing so they can play back their perfectly-calibrated vocals to their (soon to be ex) friends.

Carrie O’Key, ŠKODA’s Head of Vehicle Audio, said: “The UK’s ongoing lockdown situation is straining families and friendships, and with the prospect of kids back at home for the Easter holidays tensions are likely to run high.

“We know music is good for the soul but caterwauling certainly is not.  This software will hopefully add some much-needed light-hearted fun to every essential car journey.”